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A minimum of £20,000 is required for a planning consultant and expert witnesses to fight the developer’s appeal. Without these funds we are at a serious disadvantage and could lose. The more we raise, the more professional expertise and representation we can secure. We know how hard everyone’s finances are pushed at the moment, but every donation, however small, will really help us on our way! Thank you.

Supersized digester power plant coming to our area?

Do you want the putrid stench of 92,000 tonnes of rotting food and poultry litter in your back gardens, your town centre or village? Do you want air-polluting country-lane destroying HGV lorries full of waste thundering along our narrow roads? If the answer is ‘NO’, then take action now before it’s too late.


‘Protect Our Keynsham Environment (POKE)’ is a collective of local residents who are working together with the local community to do everything we can to ‘STOP’ the plans to build a supersized anaerobic digester facility, in the heart of our Green Belt. The Charlton Field Lane site (off Charlton Road), Queen Charlton is just downwind of Keynsham.

What’s happened so far

In February 2021 Resourceful Energy Anaerobic Limited (REAL) submitted an application to build a giant 92,000 tonne anaerobic digester facility in our Green Belt.

On 9th March 2022, the Bath and North East Somerset Council (B&NES) planning committee unanimously decided to refuse the planning permission, but the applicant has now submitted an appeal to the Planning Inspector who will be holding a public inquiry starting on 11th October 2022. ‘Rule 6’ status will allow us to take an active part in the inquiry, alongside B&NES, but we will need to pay for urgent professional representation and need your help.

POKE is of course in favour of truly renewable energy. We want to see the right schemes in the right place, as a priority for our countryside. Schemes like the Keynsham digester are motivated by profit. There is no need to increase overall local digester capacity which involves the mis-use and abuse not only of the site but also of local and more distant farmland which is not sustainable. These plans are a classic example of “Greenwash” for they aren’t the best way to meet “net zero” targets.

We still say ‘NO’ to a supersized digester power plant

We’re crowdfunding and your urgent donation will make all the difference.

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